Many types of roofing options are available for new roofs as well as roof repairs. Read Rodco President, Rod Brewer's answers to recent inquiries about roofs and roofing systems.

Annual inspections and maintenance are the key components in preventing major expenditures for premature roof replacement.

Know Your Stores
Take an inventory of all roofs. This process begins with developing a historical file for each roof that includes:

  • date of installation
  • installing contractor
  • system manufacturer
  • warranties
  • type of roof system, insulation, and roof deck
  • leak history
  • repair history, dates, type, and cost of repairs.

Rodco Services, Inc. can help you know your stores.

Have Your Roof Inspected
Rodco Services, Inc. will conduct two types of inspections: visual and non-destructive.
  • Visual inspections should occur semi-annually or annually, depending on the roof’s condition, its age, the amount of rooftop traffic, and the sensitivity of occupants.
  • Non-destructive inspections can complement — but should never replace — visual inspections. Non-destructive measures include infrared and capacitance tests. These inspections can confirm the presence of moisture, establish a baseline for roof management, locate hard-to-find leaks, and authenticate the need for full or partial re-roofing projects.  The infrared rays are used to locate parts of a roof that are at higher or lower temperatures than the rest of the roof. These "hot spots" can show us exactly where heat is escaping.
A visual survey should include:
  • an examination of the roof system, flashings, sheet-metal flashings, drains, and gutters
  • an evaluation of observed conditions that might affect the long-term performance of the roof system
  • documentation of deficiencies requiring corrective action
  • other information needed for developing long-range preventive maintenance (PM) needs

Survey documentation would consist of a written report or checklist, photographs and notes on a roof plan indicating the conditions observed. The roof plan should supply enough data to enable the performance of the required repairs.

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