Rodco is ready to handy any of your special projects
Rodco can handle projects across multiple locations, from just a few to many


Rodco Services, Inc. is equipped and ready to handle any of your special projects.  Besides Emergency Work and Accident Damage, Rodco can handle projects across multiple locations, from just a few to many.  As well, Rodco excels at properly managing minor or extensive changes required of any special project.

Emergency Work and Accident Damage
Rodco Services, Inc. understands the importance of an Emergency Call.  Our priority is to ensure safety and keep your location up and running.  We stay with the job from the temporary repairs made to ensure safety and control of the situation to the permanent repairs desired by you.  We can also board up your building and secure your premises in preparation for storms or for a closed location.

Punch List Surveys
These surveys offer a cost effective way of having your locations monitored for up-keep and to ensure proper safety regulations are met.

Roof Surveys
Rodco Services, Inc. will conduct two types of inspections: visual and non-destructive.

  • Visual inspections should occur semi-annually or annually, depending on the roof’s condition, its age, the amount of rooftop traffic, and the sensitivity of occupants.
  • Non-destructive inspections can complement — but should never replace — visual inspections. Non-destructive measures include infrared and capacitance tests. These inspections can confirm the presence of moisture, establish a baseline for roof management, locate hard-to-find leaks, and authenticate the need for full or partial re-roofing projects.  The infrared rays are used to locate parts of a roof that are at higher or lower temperatures than the rest of the roof. These "hot spots" can show us exactly where heat is escaping.

Required ADA Modifications
Rodco Services, Inc. can help you comply with the legal regulations required by the Americans with Disability Act.

Some examples of special projects that Rodco Services, Inc. has successfully completed include:
  • Coke Conversion Project
    Made plumbing and electrical modifications needed to change an existing beverage station to new drink station.
  • Phone Booth Project
    Removed all public phones in restaurant vestibules.  Made repairs to wall and installed wallpaper where existing phones were located.
  • Parts Counter Relocation
    Rodco relocated the Parts Counter at numerous Pep Boys Auto Parts Stores. This project included carpentry, laminate and electric work.
  • Cingular to AT&T
    Rodco provided labor to help make the change over from Cingular to AT&T, including signage and fixtures.
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